Lin-Manuel Miranda and director Jon M. Chu labored for years to bring “In the Heights,” an upbeat musical that opened on Broadway in 2008, to the big screen. After countless hours spent together in casting calls, on set in the bustling neighborhood of New York City’s Washington Heights and toiling in the editing bay, how well do they really know each other?

Variety put their knowledge of New York City, musicals and more to the test in the “In the Heights” edition of “How Well Do You Know…?”

The two had to field a wide range of questions, covering everything from New York City’s subway lines to the famed director credited for discovering Chu to the cable TV favorite that gave Miranda his first screen credit.

Click here to read Variety’s cover story on the decade-long journey to bring “In the Heights” to a movie theater near you (or the streaming service HBO Max, where it will simultaneously debut). The movie, starring Anthony Ramos as a bodega owner named Usnavi, premieres on June 11.