VIP+ Exchange: The A-to-Z of Free Streaming

Free streaming is a booming area for video. Encompassing two formats ¡ª on-demand viewing, known as AVOD (which stands for ad-supported video on demand), and streaming TV channels known as FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) ¡ª free streaming is a part of the majority of major media companies.?

Variety Intelligence Platform senior media analyst Gavin Bridge spoke with Tejas Shah, SVP of Commercial Strategy and Analytics at FilmRise, and Jennifer Vaux, Senior Director of Content Acquisition at Roku, about the state of the free streaming market in the webinar “The A-to-Z of Free Streaming,” presented by FilmRise.?

Topics covered included the opportunities free streaming affords media companies, how to attract viewers to a particular service, the role of content acquisition, how free streaming can sit alongside subscription streaming in a content owner¡¯s distribution strategy and anticipated innovations in the space for 2022.?

One of the biggest challenges subscription services have faced is the so-called paradox of choice, where viewers are paralyzed by indecision in the face of seemingly unlimited options. Our participants elaborated on that in the discussion and detailed how free streaming services, particularly those with a FAST component, can offer viewers an alternative experience that removes decision paralysis.?

The webinar also touched upon how finding particular genre niches is an excellent strategy of growth. Two such areas for FilmRise have been British comedies and true crime, with Roku similarly making acquisitions in areas including children’s content. Both companies reported that such a strategy is paying off with regards to creating a loyal audience base.?

The webinar serves as a precursor to the upcoming VIP+ special report, aptly titled “The A-to-Z of Free Streaming.” If you missed the webinar or would like to view it again, the full event is above and available to watch for free. VIP+ will continue to cover the free streaming space in detail in the coming months, so be sure to check our site periodically to ensure you have the latest in industry-leading commentaries, data and reports.