Lorde was recognized at Variety‘s Power of Women event for her efforts on behalf of 350 Aotearoa, an organization “whose commitment to ending fossil fuel-driven projects back home is truly inspiring,” she commented.

Introduced by Hunter Schafer, the model, LGBTQ advocate and star of HBO’s “Euphoria,” who said: In the past year, Lorde has used her powerful words, sounds, and presence to promote environmentalism and raise awareness about the growing issue of climate change. To so many of us young people, this is the crucial issue of our time. How can we protect our planet and make it a safe place not only for us to live, but for our children and their children? How can we make these changes in the face of lost time?

Lorde then delivered a speech that was both reflective and future-looking, recalling how she rose to fame and what she’s doing with the “golden microphone” she was gifted to help better the world.

Lorde is not one to talk the talk without walking it, and she did just that when, for her latest album, “Solar Power,” she resisted a CD release, demonstrating her commitment to slowing the speed of climate change. In fact, the project is a sonic love letter to the natural world. As she says in her Power of Women cover story: “The purity of being outside was really magical to me, Lorde says. It felt like all the answers were out there, like I could be healed by the natural world.