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In HBO’s “The Rehearsal,” Nathan Fielder ended up creating one of the most polarizing series on TV when he set out to broadcast a morally precarious social experiment in which he helped prepare willing participants for certain moments in their life by rehearsing them over and over and over again. With the help of paid actors and elaborately designed sets, he acted the part of a master manipulator who was able to convince a rotating cast of real people that one could perfect any future interaction they might have with enough preparation.

Fielder’s dry humor in “The Rehearsal” is of the same breed we saw in his previous Comedy Central show “Nathan for You,” if not a bit more sardonic — and for all the people that hate him for it is a legion of fans who have became obsessed with his genius satire, out-of-the-box thinking and “hot dad vibes.”

If you are of the latter camp, then a Nathan Fielder Halloween costume might have already crossed your mind. And the best part about it? All you need is one prop that anyone who saw the HBO series will recognize (and it’s one you can actually make use of all year round).

While rehearsing his scenes with the participants, Fielder was never without his handy laptop harness, which he buckled around his waist so he could type and direct orders while pacing around the set.

Dressing up as Fielder for Halloween? Strap on this laptop harness and pair it with a grey crewneck sweater for a can’t-go-wrong costume this year.

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