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Clue is reimagined in the “Friends” Manhattan universe in this new version of the beloved murder-mystery board game. The new game was released just in time for Friends Fan Week 2022 (which coincides with International Friendship Day). Throughout the entire week, Warner Bros. is celebrating the NBC sitcom through pop-up events, Instagram giveaways and new merchandise.

In “Clue: Friends,” aptly named “The One With Secrets,” a playful take on the show’s episode title formatting, one of the six main characters has a big secret that they’re keeping from the rest of the crew. Take on the role of Phoebe, Chandler, Rachel, Monica, Ross or Joey to solve the (very trivial) mystery, which will take you to some of the show’s most iconic settings such as Central Perk and Apartments 19 & 20.

If you don’t consider yourself part of the “Friends” fandom, there are plenty of other board games inspired by popular shows and movies. From “Hello Kitty” and “Game of ThronesMonopoly to a “Stranger Things” card game, check out more pop-culture board games below:

‘Friends’: Clue

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“Clue: Friends” follows the same narrative as the traditional board game, which takes players through different rooms of a house or city (in this case, the fictionalized version of New York City featured in the “Friends”) in order to solve a mystery. The board game, which comes with secret tokes, character cards, rumor cards, intrigue cards and dice, is available to purchase exclusively on The Op Games’ website for $44.99.

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‘Hello Kitty and Friends’ Monopoly

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Ride alongside Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, Keroppi, Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll or Badtz-Maru on this colorful board inspired by the “Hello Kitty” universe, collecting tokens and investing in spots along the way. You’ll find the franchise’s most memorable landmarks as you play, such as Hello Kitty’s Hotel, My Melody’s Flower Shop, and Sunshine Park. Plus, Community Chest and Chance cards allow you to contribute to events like the Omaturi Festival and collect rewards for wholesome competitions like baking.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Monopoly

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Fans can transport themselves to the lands of Westeros in this interactive board game as players buy, sell and trade locations within the seven kingdoms. Game tokens are a reference to the Honorary sigils of the fantastical houses, while money takes the form of dragon and silver stag-shaped coins. And of course, in true “GOT” fashion, the board game’s usual houses and hotels are replaced by holdfasts and castles.

'Game of Thrones' Monopoly $33.99 Buy It


‘Bob’s Burgers’ Clue Board Game

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In this modern iteration of everyone’s favorite game “Clue,” players attempt to solve the crime of who killed Ned Boddy. The game board is custom illustrated to include iconic “Bob’s Burgers” elements that any fan of the comedy will appreciate.

'Bob's Burgers Clue Board Game $39.99 Buy It


‘The Walking Dead’ The Board Game

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Inspired by the ultra-popular drama from AMC, “The Walking Dead” board game takes players through a zombie apocalypse. Just like the show, those that have died come back to life to hunt down survivors. Three sets of cards (encounter, scrounge and walker) and one die determine the fates of players, each armed with various weapons to defend themselves.

'The Walking Dead': The Board Game $81.95 Buy It


Jumanji The Game

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Play at your own risk. This meta game follows the same rules featured in the movie, as players each pick a pawn to guide them through the danger-riddled jungle. A pile of danger cards sits in the middle, waiting to wreak havoc on whoever is unlucky enough to draw them. Whoever makes it to the middle of the game board without reaching their demise wins.

Jumanji The Game $29.99 Buy It

‘Stranger Things’ Card Game

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The Netflix-inspired card game has players attempt to escape the Upside Down and get rid of all their eggo cards in a strategy-free card game similar to Uno. The set from the acclaimed Hasbro gaming includes 106 eggo cards and seven character cards for a fast game and easy game.

Stranger Things Card Game $58.48 Buy It


‘Jurassic Park’ Strategy Game

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Just like Steven Spielberg’s massive blockbuster, this strategic board game is full of cinematic adventures. One player controls savage dinosaurs as the rest of the group works together to outsmart the dinosaurs and survive. Play with up to 10 people, each given their own characters with unique objectives and backgrounds.

Jurassic Park Strategy Game $29.99  $26.85 Buy It


‘Goosebumps’ Movie Game

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Whether you have a kid who’s experiencing the eerie drama of R.L. Stine’s “Goosebumps” for the first time, or you’re feeling nostalgic for the popular children’s series yourself, this game is the perfect way to transport yourself to the supernatural. Pick between your favorite monsters (Slappy, Werewolf of Fever Swamp, Abominable Snowman of Pasadena, The Mummy, Fifi the Vampire Poodle or The Haunted Mask) before battling each other in a frantic race along the Trail of Mayhem

Goosebumps Movie Game $24.50 Buy It

‘Harry Potter’ Deck Building Card Game

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If you’re tired of the muggle life, travel to Hogwarts and become a power-bearing wizard. Pick between Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom before starting on the battle-filled adventure. You can enhance your abilities with over 140 cards (which you might need if you’re Ron…) and gain influence over the other players by mastering powerful spells, recruiting allies and uncovering magical items. Plus, seven successive game adventures offer progressive difficulty so it never gets old.

Harry Potter Card Game $49.90  $42.99 Buy It

‘Friends’ Wheel of Mayhem

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Every “Friends” fan thinks they know the game better than anyone so if you’re a true “Friends” snob who feels like you’re an honorary member of the Central Perk gang, then try your hand at this fast-paced trivia game that will put your knowledge to the test. In addition to familiar questions pulled from the iconic “The One With the Baby Shower” episode, the game also includes a motorized Wheel of Mayhem that offers tougher questions and weird bonuses. Full “Friends” gift guide here. 

Friends Wheel of Mayhem $17.00 Buy It


‘The Hunger Games:’ Training Days

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Based off the beloved trilogy, Training Days has each player choose a district to represent before taking a tribute card that will rank them by random in four attributes: strength, ability, cunning and charm. Move through the game by taking challenge cards that parallel the trials that Katniss and Peeta endure under the authoritarian government of Panam.

The Hunger Games: Training Days $27.06 Buy It