Robbin Stone became the subject of internet discourse after appearing on Nathan Fielder’s small screen social experiment “The Rehearsal” as a (brief) co-parent in a childrearing simulation. Now, Stone is participating in said discourse, interacting with fans of the show in a “Nathan for You Businessposting” Facebook group.

“Y’all can laugh at me all you want. Enjoy and just know that God always has the last laugh and God is not mocked,” Stone posted in the group, named for Fielder’s previous Comedy Central show, on Wednesday.

Stone appeared on the second episode of “The Rehearsal,” which follows series creator Fielder as he coaches people through bizarre, big-budget simulations of real-life situations. Stone was wrangled into a six-week childrearing experiment alongside a woman named Angela, who is testing out parenting with the help of dozens of child actors and a creepy robot baby.

In a video of himself posted to the group late Thursday night, Stone said: “Hey, what’s up ‘Nathan for You Businessposting’ group. I heard we got to 24,000 members. That’s dope… keep it up.”

He continued: “I’m just in the whip right now, on the way to get some mayo [a reference to his episode of ‘The Rehearsal.’] And I’m probably gonna hit 100.”

In the series, Stone repeatedly mentions crashing his Scion tC at 100 miles per hour — and finding himself “upright.”

While Stone has been the target of many a joke online, he seems to be taking it in stride, replying to comments in the Facebook group.

“Are you getting mayo? Or are you just rehearsing going to get mayo?” wrote one member of the Facebook group, to which Stone responded: “Shh, don’t blow my cover but [of course] I can’t get it wrong. It’s gotta go just right and it will be no accident.”

“Do you have your plates yet?” reads another comment, to which Stone replied, “How many times do I need to clarify that I don’t need them? I mean honestly. Goodness gracious,” riffing on an already oft-quoted line in “The Rehearsal” in which he assures Fielder one does not need license plates to drive.

On July 27, Stone gifted the Facebook group with a handful of photos of him getting cozy with Angela, whom he says he still keeps in touch with, despite exiting her experiment during the first night.

Sharing his experience on the show in an interview with Vice, Stone said he wasn’t entirely happy with how he was portrayed on “The Rehearsal.”

“I think they really, like, changed my personality,” Stone said. “The portrayal is just completely aimed at making me look bad.”

While he and Angela bonded heavily over shared religious beliefs, Stone told Vice he wished the series showed more of that.

“I know I talked a lot more about Jesus than what they showed,” he said. “Like mine and Angela’s conversation at the MacGyver Park, we were bouncing off each other, really sharing a lot of similarities with Christ.”

Still, he said he wouldn’t have “done or said anything differently,” including disclosing his intentions to sleep with Angela after she told him she is celibate.

“I could just tell. I mean, I’m very good with women,” he said. “I could just tell she was into me like that. So that’s why I even said that.”