Timothée Chalamet’s pensive Elio Perlman has found his way off the screen and onto ‘Call Me By Your Name’ screenwriter James Ivory’s awards attire for the 90th Oscars ceremony.

Ivory arrived on the red carpet wearing a traditional black tux and bowtie but with a one-of-a-kind twist: a button-down graphic of Chalamet’s character from the Oscar-nominated film.

The screenwriter and actor have continued their public displays of friendship and support soon after Chalamet’s charming gesture of escorting Ivory up to the stage at the BAFTA’s on February 12 when Ivory won for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Fans gushed over Chalamet’s gentlemanly behavior towards his collaborator.

Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel might not have commented on Ivory’s sense of style during the opening monologue, but he did commend the other half of the pair on his fashion choice of white tux. A considerable upgrade from the gas station attendant look Chalamet donned at the Independent Spirit Awards. 

“Call Me By Your Name” is nominated for a total of four awards at this year’s ceremony. Chalamet is nominated for Best Actor and won the Independent Spirit Award for the role just last night. The film is also nominated for Best Original Song,  Best Picture, and Best Adapted Screenplay for Ivory.